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Burger Welly 2020

Introducing the Lashings Everybody Loves Dessert sweet "Burger"!

For the first time we're dipping our toes into the burger-y waters of Welly On A Plate's Burger Welly, running this year from the 12th - 31st October.


Our sweet "Burger" consists of a Classic Milk Choc brownie patty, sandwiched between a SoNut (sourdough donut) bun, accompanied by vanilla crème patissière, passionfruit pâte de fruit (jelly) and raspberry sauce, served with house popcorn ice cream, salted caramel sauce, and our house-made Salted Toffee Popcorn.

Due to our limited seating and space, Burgers are available by PRE-BOOKING ONLY (no walk-ins) and within stated time slots only. Your time slot starts on the hour and finishes on the following hour - please be on time for your booking as we are operating a very tight turn-around time for Burger Welly. You can also choose to have in or take away - please fill out the form below to book.

PLEASE NOTE: Your booking must be made by midnight the day before (ie. no same day bookings or walk-ins). Your booking will be confirmed by email, filling out the form does not guarantee your booking. This page will be updated when time slots have sold out.





LUNCH (11am - 12pm, 12 - 1pm, 1 - 2pm, 2 - 3pm)


LUNCH (11am - 12pm, 12 - 1pm, 1 - 2pm, 2 - 3pm)

DINNER (5 - 6pm, 6 - 7pm, 7 - 8pm, 8 - 9pm)


ALL DAY (11am - 12pm, 12 - 1pm, 1 - 2pm, 2 - 3pm, 3 - 4pm, 4 - 5pm)


Wednesday 21st - SOLD OUT

Thursday 22nd - SOLD OUT

Friday 23rd - SOLD OUT

Saturday 24th - SOLD OUT

Sunday 25th, 2 - 3pm - SOLD OUT

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