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Good Vibes Everywhere

Our Girl Boss on the front cover of Your Weekend

Photo credit: Kevin Stent for Your Weekend

We've not been great at posting on the blog since the end of last year but you'll have to excuse us, as things seem to be exploding everywhere for us at the moment, and we are beyond grateful and blown away by it.

In January we started at the Harbourside Market in Wellington, where we trade every Sunday (weather permitting), and love seeing Welly locals and visitors alike. In addition to that, we still trade at the Underground Market on Saturdays, and recently added a coffee cart to our set-up. Long time fans of Havana, we're now able to provide market goers with Havana Coffee, organic Libertine Blends teas, Wellington Chocolate Factory hot chocolate and Zany Zeus organic milk, as well as a variety of dairy-free milk options. We love that all of our beverage options are made right here in Wellington, and all are organic and fair trade.

Our commitment to being as environmentally-friendly a company as we can be extends through our use of biodegradable and compostable take-away cups, saving our coffee grinds for gardens (if you'd like some of our coffee grinds, talk to us!), recycling where we can, and not packaging any of our brownies in plastic. We can't be a 100% no-waste company but we do what we can.

After our #GirlBoss' wedding break, we came back swinging by launching our Specials Subscription Boxes. You all asked for Specials to be delivered and we made it happen! You can now order either a 4-pack (2 flavours) or 6-pack (3 flavours) of Specials to be sent out every first Tuesday of the month. Even better? No delivery charge on monthly subscriptions! If you aren't quite ready to commit we also offer them as one-off monthly boxes (+ delivery charge).

On top of all that, we're hosting a warm brownie pop-up at the Wellington Chocolate Factory in August for Welly On A Plate, provided coffee and brownies for the NZ Tango Festival this last weekend, and will be at the NZ Chocolate Festival this coming weekend at Te Papa. We've got loads more opportunities for you to see us throughout the year and we'll still be at the markets, slinging brownies, every weekend.

Otherwise, you may have seen our #GirlBoss floating around the NZ media a fair bit lately - she was interviewed by Nine to Noon's Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand the other week (see our press page for a link to the article), and even ended up on the cover of Your Weekend magazine this last weekend, for a feature on 3 young foodies in NZ, making their own way in the world. It's been a bumper few weeks for Lashings.

Then, perhaps, our biggest news to date: we're opening a shop.

It's been almost a year since we started tentatively selling our brownies at PhotonFlux and 10 months since we officially launched. Our plan was to have our own premises by the end of 2018 but with rent astronomically high, we thought we'd just wait and see what happened. Well, what happened was our dream spot opened up and we leapt at the opportunity. Now that all the contracts are finalised work can begin. We're looking at a September 2018 opening (a year from our official launch party), we'll keep you updated on how it all goes.

Thanks for sticking with us over the past (almost) year. We pinch ourselves every day, wondering if this is all actually happening. All we ever wanted to do was #MakeYourBellyHappy - long may it continue.

With love,

Lashings x

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